Until We Meet Again…

NOV THOUGHTSI’ve taken quite a lot of time off from well, pretty much everything. I’ve needed time to gather my thoughts and to rest and heal. These are some of my thoughts from November 5th, 2015: Well Friends! I just got through 1 year of my Husband John’s Death and it’s also the Official Release Date of my New Album!!! He died just a few hours ago on this day 1 year ago and I would have still been at the hospital as I’m writing this. I allowed myself to take a year to rest and heal and do whatever I needed to get through and feel better. I slept in or stayed up all night when I needed to, ate take out pretty much every day, spent way too much money on I don’t know what, didn’t force myself to answer the phone or talk or leave the house when I wasn’t up to it. Basically I just did what I had to do to get through each day and didn’t feel bad about the house getting messy or paying my bills a couple days late and I sometimes wore the same t-shirt waaaayyyyy longer than I should have but I made it! I kept telling myself if I could just make it through 1 year, I would be ok and honestly upon reaching the end, I’m in a really good and healthy place and I’m OK! I continued going to the Studio even though my Heart was broken and dug really deep and finished my Album when I felt defeated and felt like giving up. I’m getting ready to launch my New Ministry and continue Serving by going out and Sharing these Songs and Delivering Relief through Messages of Love, Hope, Forgiveness, Deliverance, and that there ‘aint nobody that’s too far gone! Really Looking Forward to a Brand New Start and seeing others receive one too!

Crocodile Hunter catches Didgeridoo

Hey Friends!
I’m a really big fan of most things hand-made especially hand-carved wooden pieces. I have a nice Collection of hand-carved “Tramp Art” Boxes and Picture Frames, Large, Wooden hand-carved African Weaving Tools, Mexican Furniture, Wall Carvings, Old, Primitive Tools and other Items along those lines but Being a life-long Musician and Bargain Hunter, it’s always neat to find an Exotic Musical Instrument at a really low price and finding one that’s been hand-carved to boot, for me, is just the icing on the cake! Day before yesterday, I found the most unique Didgeridoo that I’ve ever seen. I have 3 Didgeridoos that are Authentic Aboriginal Didgeridoos (two being very, very old) and a newer Beautiful Bamboo Didgeridoo from Riverman at http://www.etsy.com/shop/scarumtrading with Custom Burned in Graphics that his wife Jennahfly Soulflower hand-burned for me. The Bamboo has been growing on their property for years and they cut fresh poles, roast them, bore them out, tune them, decorate and even add a very generous top-quality beeswax mouth-piece for you so you’re good-to-go right out of the box. Well, you can tell I’m a fan… Anyway, the hand-carved Didgeridoo that I found was being sold on Ebay by a pawnbroker who listed that though he’s familiar with lots of other instruments, he doesn’t know anything about the Didgeridoo but he thought it was a pretty neat one. The opening bid was only $49.95 and no one else had bid yet, so I made a bid and added a higher maximum bid to protect my “bet” and said “let the games begin!” I’m a very experienced E-bayer and when I’m really interested in something, I always bid to win. I really expected the bidding on this unique Instrument to go really high on this piece because I’ve never seen one like it and couldn’t find another like it anywhere online. Even the simplest crafted beginner Didgeridoos with painted designs and no carving at all, go for around $100 bucks so I figured the price for this piece would go for at least a few hundred. It’s 5 foot 3 inches long and weighs 18lbs and is intricately carved from end-to-end with Beautiful Detail and appears to be an older piece but it’s sometimes hard to tell with wood. Maybe it’s an Antique Aboriginal Ceremonial piece? I may never know but I’d love to find out something if it’s out there. I wasn’t so concerned with the age as much as I was at how different it was from any other Didgeridoo I had ever seen. Well, after I made my bid there was 16 hrs. left before the auction ended so I just went to bed and hoped for the best. The next afternoon I opened my e-mail and had a notification that I had won, but for how much? I was stunned that I had won this Awesome piece for only $49.95 and that I had been the only bidder. I really think that maybe no one else found it because of the way it was listed. I was surprised to find it hidden within about 1000 other generically listed Didgeridoos. There was nothing special listing that it was hand-carved at all and it just said Crocodile Didgeridoo which is a pretty common animal design on many Didge’s you’ll find online. Whatever the case, I feel really lucky that I found this amazing piece at such an amazing price. I should have it here in a few days and I’m really looking forward to hearing what it sounds like…

A Beautiful Day in the Neighboorhood!

It was a beautiful day today here in South Florida. Nice, Bright, Sunny Day with a Nice, Cool Breeze. John and I sat out on the Porch and had a Picnic. I re-potted a Large Majestic Palm Tree and a Costa Rican Palm in some Great, Big Pots I bought at Lowe’s a while back. Boy do they look Wonderful! Our Porch Garden really needed a re-vamp and we’re going to do some more re-potting and re-arranging in the next few weeks. I love being outdoors and it really re-juvinates our Spirits being out in Nature enjoying all of God’s Marvelous and Miraculous Creation!